Video Demo

Video About Shoe Stretchers

Got questions about shoe stretchers?  Watch this short video to see ours in action.

Do you have tight shoes that hurt your feet?  Our stretchers will make them comfortable.

Do you have extra sensitive bunions and areas on your feet?  Our stretchers have expanders for those painful pressure points.




Our Stretchers are Cobbler Tested by Experts!

– Made from solid hardwood and durable metal components

– Fits both left and right shoes so you only need one stretcher

– Removable spot stretchers to stretch painful corn and bunion areas

– Unique design fits easily into tight-fitting shoes

– Relief from bunions, corns, hammertoes, and wide feet

– Reduce painful break-in of new shoes




Our high quality separates our Stretchers from the others.

We use only the highest quality, solid hardwood that holds up.

Others use plastic parts; we use metal parts.

Our bunion and corn spot stretchers are durable plastic and can easily be inserted into multiple places along the Stretcher to give those sensitive spots on your foot the stretch they needs no matter where they are located.


How To

How To Use

Our Stretchers are easy to use.
  1. Place stretcher in shoe.
  2. Turn handle clockwise until slight resistance.
  3. Continue turning handle clockwise two additional turns to stretch shoe.
  4. Leave in shoe for 12 hours.
  5. Repeat if more stretch is needed.


Comparison Chart

Most Brands Our Stretcher
Bunion Spot Stretchers yes yes
Quality Metal Parts no yes
Genuine Hardwood no no
Price $25 – $50 $22.97
Order Now! Order Now!

  • I've used this on two pairs of shoes so far and it worked great. The best part is that it feels like it is a quality product. - Thomas Gamble
  • Excellent product to save a couple pairs of nice shoes especially when the sizes don't come in a "wide" version. Product is easy to use and i am now able to wear a couple pairs of shoes that only come in narrow/standard.
  • For this product to work the shoe that needs stretching must be made of leather. The shoe stretcher worked beautifully. I can now wear the shoes comfortably. I only needed to adjust one shoe.
  • I ordered these XL shoe stretchers to widen a pair of Air Jordan Classics that were way too tight. I owned previous shoe stretchers of a smaller size. It would take maybe 15 full turns to adjust the shoe stretcher to the proper width. With these XL shoe stretchers, it takes just 3 full turns. - Mikey Bird
  • I was hesitant to buy this because there were some negative reviews but after receiving the product I am glad I didn't pay attention to them. This is a high quality shoe stretcher and the pressure point plugs are just what I needed for some of my dress shoes. - Kevin